Cost Containment

United Concordia and 2 other large insurance organizations followed patients and demonstrated that patients who received dental treatment (compared to those that did not) cost the system significantly less and resulted in fewer hospitalizations for several conditions:

  • Diabetes: $2840 less annual costs (medications, office visits) and 39.4% fewer hospitalizations
  • Stroke: $5681 less spending, 21.2% less hospitalizations
  • Heart disease: $1090 less costs, 28.6% less hospitalizations
  • Pregnancy: $2433 less costs



Jeffcoat MK, Jeffcoat RL, Gladowski PA, Bramson JB, Blum JJ. Impact of periodontal therapy on general health: evidence from insurance data for five systemic conditions. Am J Prev Med. 2014;47(2):166-74. Accessed 11/17/2017.