Caries Management

All stages of dental caries require treatment.

  • Fluoride varnish may arrest small cavitated lesions and prevent development of new lesions
  • Comprehensive dietary and oral hygiene counseling
  • Urgent dental referral for comprehensive treatment
    • Small cavities may be stabilized using fluoride releasing restorative materials.
    • Severe cavities require extractions, fillings, and/or root canals.

Rocio Quinonez, DMD

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is a newer modality for cavity stabilization. SDF is a colorless liquid containing silver particles and fluoride.

  • How does it work? SDF has antibacterial properties acts as a physical barrier, and the fluoride strengthens enamel
  • SDF arrests caries ~ 70% of the time. It is easily applied in an outpatient dental setting without use of anesthesia. The process to apply SDF is 1-2 drops of SDF with a microbrush, wait 30-60 seconds, follow up in 1-2 weeks to assess hardness. If enamel is not sufficiently hard, reapply SDF.
  • Application every 6 months is better than when it is applied annually (38% vs 12%) due to increased silver and fluoride exposure
  • Disadvantage: SDF stains the treated area of the tooth black, but does not stain intact enamel. SDF may temporarily stain unprotected soft tissues.
  • Silver allergy is the only known contraindication. No toxicity or adverse events associated with SDF have been reported.
  • The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry published a recommendation in 2018 that the benefits of SDF application in the target populations out-weigh its possible undesirable effects.
  • As SDF use continues to gain traction in the dental community, it important that primary care providers be able to recognize signs of treated disease.


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