Organizations with 50+ Continuing Education Registered Smiles for Life Users

state user map
institution list

About the map:

The above map shows the number of CE registered users on the Smiles for Life website between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. States with higher numbers of Smiles for Life users have darker shading. Dots represent institutions (primarily universities) with 50 or more CE registered users during the year (associated list).

  • There were over 24,000 new CE registered users in 2022.
  • Smiles for Life usage in 2022 spread across all 50 U.S. states; 80% of the states had over 125 CE registered users.
  • The map highlights the important role that universities play in spreading Smiles for Life— a majority of institutions with 50 or more CE registered users are universities. All 88 high-user institutions are listed in the table to the right of the map.


Because the map is based only on numbers of CE registered users tracked on the website, it represents an undercount of Smiles for Life utilization. Many individuals complete the online courses without registering on the website, some do not obtain CE credit for the course(s), and some organizations download the courses for use in academic settings or workplace trainings in which users do not register on the website. These users are not included in the website data.

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