Brown Cavitations

Brown cavitations represent areas where loss of enamel has exposed underlying dentin.

Appearance & Symptoms

  • Anterior upper incisors are typically affected first as posterior teeth emerge later.
  • Lesions are initially pale yellow and become progressively darker as they become stained.
  • Teeth may be sensitive to thermal changes and sweet or sour foods or drinks.
  • Young children are unable to articulate symptoms.

Treatment & Referral

  • Immediate dental referral should be arranged.
  • Small cavities may be treated with fluoride releasing restorative materials and not require local anesthesia or high speed drills to stabilize their progression.
  • Provide dietary and oral hygiene counseling.
  • Use fluoride to arrest lesions not requiring restoration

Enamel Destruction from ECC Exposing Dentin

Cavities on the Lingual Tooth Surfaces are Easily Overlooked

Joanna Douglass, BDS, DDS