Bony Tori

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Tori are benign bony protuberances arising from the cortical plate. They are considered developmental anomalies that are present throughout life, but they often increase in size in adulthood. In the United States, the prevalence of palatal tori is 20-35% of the population, compared to 7-10% for mandibular tori.


Surgical removal is required only if a torus:

  • Affects oral function
  • Interferes with denture fabrication
  • Is subject to recurrent trauma or surface ulceration

Palatal torus or "torus palatinus" located along the midline of the hard palateĀ 

Brad Neville, DDS
Brad Neville, DDS

Mandibular torus (torus mandibularis ) located along lingual aspect of the mandibleĀ 

John McDowell, DDS
John McDowell, DDS