Evidence of Benefit of Fluoride

There is strong evidence supporting many preventive interventions that can be implemented as part of primary medical care.

  • Recommendations for Children Birth Through Age 5 (United States Preventive Services Task Force 1996, 2014)
    • Fluoridated Toothpaste (I, A)
    • Fluoride Varnish (B)
    • Fluoride Supplements (B)
  • General Population (USPSTF 1989, 1996)
    • Fluoridated toothpaste (I, A)
  • High Risk Populations (MMWR 2001)
    • Topical fluoride gels (I, A)
    • Fluoride varnishes on permanent teeth (I, A)
    • Fluoride varnish on high risk infants (I, A)
    • Fluoride supplements if water <.3ppm (6-12-year-olds) (I, A)

"I" indicates that a recommendation is based on evidence from properly constructed randomized controlled trials.
"A" indicates a high certainty that net benefit is substantial.
"B" indicates high certainty that the net benefit is moderate or moderate certainty that the net benefit is moderate to substantial



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