Varnish Selection

A variety of 0.25 ml 5% NaF unidose fluoride varnish preparations are commercially available in the United States. Pricing information is based on average costs when purchased through distributors and is subject to variation and may be less when purchased in bulk.

Each product and applicator system has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, and taste may vary. Smiles for Life authors, editor, and the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine do not endorse any particular product.

Note: Unidose fluoride preparations come in 0.25ml, 0.4ml, and 0.5 ml size. Clinicians should use the 0.25ml amount for preschool children.


  • Unidose preparation recommended for safety
  • Preschool children: 0.25 ml 5% Na F (2.26% F)
  • Contains 5.6 mg fluoride
  • Cost: $1.50–$3.00 USD per unidose
Joanna Douglass, BDS, DDS
Joanna Douglass, BDS, DDS

Examples of Varnish Products