At Risk Elderly

Chronically Ill

  • 80% of elders have one or more chronic diseases.
  • 30% of elders have three or more chronic diseases.


  • 8.8% of the elderly in the US live below the poverty line (4.2 million).
  • Additional 5% (2.4 million) are considered "near poor," between 100 and 125% of the poverty level.
  • Minority elders tend to have lower income.
  • Most lack dental insurance.

Homebound or Institutionalized

  • 1 million elders receive homecare.
  • 1.25 million elders living in nursing facilities.
Alexander Raths/
Alexander Raths/


  • 35% of those over 65 have a disability
  • 25% of elders have difficulty ambulating or performing at least one activity of daily living.


  • 14% of those over 65 live in rural areas with less access to medical and dental care


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