Adult Oral Examination

A systematic approach to examination is important. Any provider who cares for pregnant women should, at a minimum, examine the teeth and gums for hygiene, inflammation, and disease. A detailed description of the complete oral examination is available in Smiles for Life "Oral Examination" module.

Proper Exam Requires:

  • Adequate lighting
  • Tongue depressor
  • Gloves

A Systematic Approach:

  • Internal structures
    • Teeth and gingiva
    • Soft and hard tissues
    • Lateral borders and undersurface of tongue
    • Posterior pharynx
  • External structures
    • Lips
    • Palpate floor of mouth and neck

Photos show use of gloves to depress the lower lip to examine gums completely and perform palpation

Ellen Eisenberg, DMD
Ellen Eisenberg, DMD
Ellen Eisenberg, DMD