Mouth Pain

Oral pain can result from causes other than caries and periodontitis.

Other etiologies to consider include:

  • Burning Mouth Syndrome is more prevalent in women
    • 1-2% and up to 40% of women in menopause
    • Causes include medications (ACE inhibitors), candidiasis, B12 deficiency, dry mouth, and idiopathic
    • Screen for underlying conditions and correct as needed
    • For idiopathic causes, tricyclic antidepressants and gabapentin may improve symptoms
  • Tooth Erosion discomfort
    • Significant GERD and eating disorders like bulimia should be considered and addressed
    • Lifestyle changes, diet modfications, and H2 blockers or PPIs can aid in management of GERD
    • Bulimia management requires a more comprehensive approach involving behavioral and psychological health experts
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) pain
    • Include the TMJ as part of a through exam for mouth pain
    • Dental referral for a mouth guard fitting may be appropriate
  • Oral trauma (broken teeth, lip or gingival lacerations). If discovered as the cause of mouth pain, screen for domestic violence.


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