Expanding Your Oral Health Knowledge

Comprehensive care of women mandates a broader understanding of oral health issues. Consider reviewing other Smiles for Life Modules.

Based on the population you serve, the following may be of value in your clinical practice:

  • The Relationship of Oral to Systemic Health
  • Adult Oral Health, including oral lesions and the oral cancer-HPV link
  • Acute Dental Problems, including how to manage oral infections and trauma
  • The Oral Examination, for both adults and children
  • Geriatric Oral Health, including how medications affect the mouth

Additional training can also be found at the prenatal oral health program pOHP website. This training program educates prenatal primary health care providers and dental care teams about principles of oral health during pregnancy and assist providers in implementing and delivering preventive oral health services to all women of reproductive age. Visit the site here.